Share your pleasure!!

If you have seen something which you think other people might enjoy, please spread the word – the arrival of the first winter migrant birds, a particularly beautiful or unusual flower, a flock of bullfinches, a fox, deer or badger in the undergrowth, a spectacular dragonfly. Send your sightings to

Many people who enjoy Aston’s Eyot also walk in other nearby green spaces so feel free to tell us about sightings of anything you have seen in the green corridor between Iffley Road and Abingdon Road, from the ring road up to Folly Bridge. Please indicate where you have made your sighting.

The Friends of Aston’s Eyot are aiming to build up a list of all kinds of wildlife and plants seen on the site, so observations are invited from anyone who sees anything they think is interesting. The recording team, currently Ruth Ashcroft, Anthony Cheke and Claire Malone-Lee will edit submitted records into the main database every month or so. If anyone is collecting fuller data, please email this to the info address above.

Click here for details of sightings of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians for 2010.

See the wildlife tab for summaries of wildlife to be seen on Aston’s Eyot and also details of historical sightings.