TVERC-logoSome wildlife data on the website from before 2010 includes, with permission,  information from the Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre (TVERC) who have asked us to acknowledge the following observers who have provided records:

Tom D.Bedford, Mr P.Jackson, Curt Lamberth, Stuart Mabbutt,  Ms L.Palfreman, Mrs M.Reid, Steve Roby, Caroline Steel, David Steel, Rob Sykes, Martin Townsend, Mr R.Watkinson, Ms S.Westwood

Oxford Urban Wildlife Group
Butterfly Conservation Upper Thames Branch

Data ownership

Some of the data is owned by the following organisations:

BBOWT, Oxford City Council, Oxford Urban Wildlife Group,
Oxford Ornithological Society


Oxford City commissioned a number of surveys, data from which are included in the records. They have asked that the web site reflects that some of the records originate from the City Council and that the City Council cannot guarantee their accuracy (i.e., the information should not be relied upon for the purposes of, for example, making a planning application)

[Friends’ comment: most of the old city surveys have been re-confirmed by the same or other observers since]