Knotweed Watch

Knotweed is amazingly vigorous so we thought it would be interesting to monitor the speed of its growth.The project started well but on the third day we discovered that the main stem had disappeared. We later found out that two  Aston’s Eyot committee members had cut the emerging stems off, cooked them and eaten them! 10,000 shoots to choose from and they pick the ones being monitored!

Knotweed is a pretty undesirable plant and knowing your enemy is always important. Eating your enemy may be going a bit too far!!

Click on the link below to go to the Flickr site for sequence. In Flickr you can select a slideshow in the top right of the page (before clicking on any individual photo) to get the full effect.

Watch this space!! The growth rate is getting faster by the minute!! On one sunny day it grew 15cms/6inches!!!!

(PS In case you’re wondering, the knotweed tasted pretty awful)

PPS Note the bindweed coming into the right of the picture on 3rd April and latching onto the stem.

knotweed growing