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Membership of the Friends of Aston’s Eyot costs £5/year (concessions £3), the money going towards public liability insurance for members working on site and tools such as strimmers, together with occasional hire of contractors for heavier work. Members will get regular email newsletters, invitations to events etc. and opportunities to do practical work on site. Obviously access to the Eyot is free, but maintaining and enhancing does cost money, so please join!

Subscriptions run from one Annual General Meeting (in principle late November/early December) to the next, but all those joining or rejoining in once the AGM date is announced will be have full membership through to the AGM in the following year.  Anyone paying in the run-up to the AGM will not have to pay more if the subscription rate is raised at the AGM.

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FoAE Membership Form

Friends of Aston’s Eyot
Membership form





I support the aims of the Friends as set out in the Constitution*




*1. To protect, care for, and manage or assist in the management of Aston’s Eyot for wildlife, and as a wild area.
*2. To promote continuing open access to the public for quiet enjoyment of the area.
*3. To maintain and where necessary restore the variety of wildlife habitats including woodland, scrub, grassland, orchards, river banks and aquatic habitats.
*4. To survey and record species of fauna and flora present, reporting on the results of surveys where appropriate.
*5. To involve the wider public in activities such as working parties, wildlife events and other appropriate events.

Make cheques/postal orders out to ‘Friends of Aston’s Eyot’
(for electronic payments, please email

When completed please post with your subscription to:
Friends of Aston’s Eyot, c/o 139 Hurst St, Oxford OX4 1HE
(or put it through the letter box at 59 Bedford St or 22 Henley St).