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Friends of Aston’s Eyot – Constitution

  1. Name

1.1 The name of the organisation shall be “The Friends of Aston’s Eyot”, hereinafter
referred to as “the Friends”.

  1. Aims

The aims of the Friends below apply primarily to Aston’s Eyot (the area of East Oxford
land bounded by the Thames, the Cherwell, and Shire Lake Ditch), but also to adjacent
areas and the local river corridor where relevant. The Friends will work closely with any
body (such as the existing Iffley Fields Community Nature Plan group) working for
nature conservation in the East Oxford River Corridor and the preservation of local open
and green spaces.

2.1 To protect, care for, and manage or assist in the management of Aston’s Eyot for
wildlife and as a wild area.

2.2 To promote continuing open access to the public for quiet enjoyment of the area.

2.3 To maintain and where necessary restore the variety of wildlife habitats including
woodland, scrub, grassland, orchards, river banks and aquatic habitats.

2.4 To survey and record species of fauna and flora present, reporting on the results of
surveys where appropriate.

2.5 To involve the wider public in activities such as working parties, wildlife events
and other appropriate events.
All activities on Aston’s Eyot must be acceptable to the land-owners, with permission
granted as necessary.

  1. Membership

3.1 Membership shall be open to any individual who supports the aims of the Friends.

3.2 The membership subscription shall be agreed annually at the Annual General
Meeting (AGM), together with any concessions.

3.3 Every member shall have one vote.

3.4 Membership may be deemed to have lapsed if the member has either failed to pay
the subscription or (if no subscription is required) has not been in contact for over a year.

3.5 The Committee may terminate the membership of anyone who ceases to support
the aims of the Friends. The reasons for the decision must be clearly documented, and the
individual concerned must have the right to be heard, accompanied by a friend if desired,
before such a decision is made.

3.6 The secretary shall hold a membership register with postal address and if possible
an email address for each member.

  1. Meetings

4.1 The Friends shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year for the
election of Committee members, to approve the treasurer’s accounts, and for the review of
progress and policy. The AGM shall be publicised at least 3 weeks in advance and all
members shall be entitled to attend.

4.2 Votes at the AGM will be by show of hands; in the case of a tie the Chair shall have
a casting vote in addition to his/her individual vote. Decisions will be by majority vote
except for situations where a greater majority is stated in this constitution to be required.

4.3 The AGM will elect from the membership a Committee of 6-9 members who will
be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Friends, and for forming policy
and organising practical action to further the aims of the Friends. The elected committee
shall be answerable to meetings of members, and shall endeavour to keep members

4.4 The elected Committee will allocate the posts of Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and
other officers as required from among their number. The holders of these posts shall be
notified to the members, together with contact details through which members may
contact the committee.
4.5 The Committee may co-opt up to 3 further members.

4.6 The quorum for an AGM or EGM shall be 20 members, or such number as may be
determined by the full Committee as an emergency measure should it prove impossible to
muster 20 members. Any decisions taken with less than the full quorum of 20 shall
require to be ratified by the next meeting where 20 or more members are present.

4.7 The quorum for a Committee meeting shall be 4 committee members, unless the
committee has more than 10 members when the quorum shall be 5.

4.8 An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called by the Committee or by a
group of no less than 15 members. The meeting must be publicised with at least 21 days
notice unless the meeting is justifiably deemed to be urgent.

4.9 Any requirement for notification of members shall be satisfied by sending each
member an email to their last recorded email address or if no email address to their last
recorded postal address.

4.10 If 15 or more members so request it in writing, any decision of an AGM or EGM
shall be put to a ballot of the full membership in good standing at the date the request is
made. The elected Committee shall arrange the ballot within 4 weeks of the request being
received, and shall allow 2 weeks for the return of ballot papers. A majority of those
voting shall determine the outcome of a ballot, except for a proposed alteration to the
Constitution where a two-thirds majority shall be required.

  1. Finance

5.1 Funds may be raised and spent, and non-monetary donations sought, to further
the aims of the Friends.

5.2 Decisions involving the spending of the Friends’ funds need committee approval
and must be made in consultation with the Treasurer.

5.3 The funds of the Friends shall be held in an account held in the name of the
Friends, which shall be operated by the Treasurer. Four account signatories will be
appointed by and from the Committee, and each cheque or other withdrawal must be
signed by two of these signatories who shall not be related or living at the same address.

5.4 Accounts shall be kept by the Treasurer, submitted for independent inspection,
and approved at the AGM. Committee members may inspect the books at any time.

  1. Additional

6.1 The Friends shall maintain insurance for volunteers on its projects, including
public liability insurance.

6.2 All equipment bought with Friends’ funds remains the property of the Friends
unless and until the committee decides to dispose of it.

6.3 If the Friends shall, by general consent of its members, cease to exist, all assets shall
pass to an appropriate charity.

6.4 This constitution shall only be altered by consent of a two-thirds majority of the
members at an EGM or AGM.

6.5. The Committee may at its discretion affiliate the Friends to other organisations with
similar aims and intent.

Adopted 27th September 2010